• 5 FILM TEXTURE Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset Set;
  • 2 Formats – lrtemplate and DNG;
  • Easy to follow Installation guide.

Film Texture Presets 5563305


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Please keep in mind that, even though all presets are meticulously tested on a variety of photos and different settings, the presets might need to be slightly adjusted, based on your camera, lighting conditions, camera mode and settings.

Important: no refunds or exchanges can be made on digital products once they have been downloaded.

TERMS OF USE: BY PURCHASING THIS ITEM, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF USE INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD FILE. Do not sharing the files, or selling them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited.

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Bright And White Lightroom Preset 5562498

Bright and White Lightroom Preset 5562498

Ruminator Lightroom Preset 5529989

RUMINATOR | Lightroom Preset 5529989