Weekend Lightroom Presets 3436209

Weekend Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets & Photoshop Filters ACR

  • 1 Preset for Lightroom & Photoshop (.xmp file)
  • 1 Preset for Mobile Lightroom (.dng file)
  • 1 Preset for Old Desktop Lightroom (.lrtemplate file)

These presets looks best on outdoor photoshoots, portraits and creative images. Each preset has been designed by a professional photographer to look great with a wide variety of images.

Weekend Lightroom Presets - Plug-ins - 2

Weekend Lightroom Presets - Plug-ins - 2

Weekend Lightroom Presets - Plug-ins - 4

Weekend Lightroom Presets - Plug-ins - 5

❕ Please note:

  • All results work differently with each photo. This will be based on the colors, tones, lighting, etc., of the original photo.
  • After applying the presets, make sure to play around with your: Exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, whites
  • If you are looking to make your skin tanner/less tan, play around with the luminance of orange in the color section



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