Salt Pack is a thundering echo of Utah’s dynamic beauty. With stunning mountains, shimmering salt flats, and the Great Salt Lake, inspiration is never in short supply. Roxana and I simply let that spirit guide us.

Savoring the immense palette of this natural landscape, these presets offer expansive energy and an almost too-easy application. They remain true to color yet still offer charming and subtle nuances that give images a nip of the “it” factor. Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor settings, this simple pack is up to the task for anything from sunrise/sunset sessions to indoor studio shoots. And because they work incredibly well with overexposed photos, you don’t have to worry about underexposing your images in-camera. 

Editing with the Salt Pack is a wholly unique experience. You just might feel as if something big and beautiful is winking right at you.   

Salt Pack consists of 8 color presets, 2 BW presets, and 4 custom Creative Profile’s (please see * below for compatibility).

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.


*These presets ONLY work with Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.3 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.3 or later). For earlier versions, update your editing applications to meet the required specifications. 

RP1 is Roxana’s signature indoor preset and a perfect go-to for both studio portraits and outdoor shoots. It offers a touch of warmth and contrast with a hint of pink undertones to create a rich and balance tonality.
G Presets Salt Pack G Presets Salt Pack 1 G Presets Salt Pack 2 G Presets Salt Pack 3
Albion Cool is true to its name. A cooler, slightly less contrasted version of RP1, this preset will keep your undertones intact while giving clean and crisp top notes.
G Presets Salt Pack 4 G Presets Salt Pack 5
Roxana’s signature outdoor preset, Antelope is a masterful mix of warmth and contrast with delightful pink undertones that are satisfying in every way.
G Presets Salt Pack 6 G Presets Salt Pack 7 G Presets Salt Pack 8 G Presets Salt Pack 9