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Optus and SpaceX plan to cover all of Australia

Australian operator Optus and billionaire Elon Musk’s space technology company SpaceX have announced a partnership agreement to achieve 100 per cent coverage in Australia.

The Australian Optus operator and SpaceX, the space technology company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, announced a cooperation agreement on July 12 to provide Internet connection services through SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, aiming to achieve Internet coverage. . the whole of Australia.

“Optus aims to break new ground in delivering connected services to customers,” said Matt Williams, CEO of Optus Marketing and Revenue. Satellite coverage without requiring customers to purchase additional equipment.

Optus expects to extend customers’ mobile connectivity coverage to cover 60 per cent of Australia’s landmass – areas where there is currently no mobile coverage, such as hills, mountains or barren valleys. look.

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To achieve this, the two parties will roll out in phases, first offering SMS services by the end of 2024 and voice and data services by the end of 2025.

Sara Spangelo, SpaceX’s senior director of satellite engineering, wrote that the partnership with Optus aims to provide solutions that expand coverage and help customers stay connected no matter where they are. Or travel anywhere in Australia.

This new phone-to-satellite coverage will undergo extensive testing before being rolled out. Vendor will notify customers of specific features and accessibility prior to deployment.

Australia is a large and diverse country, so it can be difficult for any network operator to get mobile coverage where it is needed, especially in remote areas or locations. Difficult to access.

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