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Intel Officially Changes Chip Names

Fifteen years later, Intel has scaled back its chip branding, dropping i from the name of the Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 of the Meteor Lake generation.

The Meteor Lake generation of chips will be named Core 3, Core 5, Core 7 and Core 9. Intel said the decision to change this was more in line with customer requests and made branding easier and simpler. The company hopes that removing the “i” will make it easier for users to understand its chip products.

Additionally, Intel uses “Ultra” for high-end processors. The word Ultra will be added before the processor number, just like Core Ultra 9. However, Intel’s naming is still relatively complicated, and there will still be more code and serial number information at the end of the chip name. and ability. management ability.

According to Intel, processors with higher numbers are better performers, and Core Ultra models will have more speed and power than models using that series.

The company has yet to announce a Meteor Lake launch date, but leaked information suggests the new chip family will be announced this year. These are the company’s first processors to use 3D laminated stacked chiplet design and UV lithography. The changes in the structure and manufacturing process have greatly improved the performance of Meteor Lake after many generations, but only a small improvement in energy saving.

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