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Instagram Grid Art Maker allows you to design (or import) any Instagram grid theme and automate your content creation processes.

Whether you want to build a classic tile look, jigsaw puzzle, collage, or any kind of complex design, this advanced Photoshop mockup will speed up your work and give you the exact Instagram preview, but not only this. Here come the advanced Photoshop Actions to help you automate most of your work: from exporting your tiles (to optimized Instagram-ready files) to updating the entire grid, creating Instagram highlight covers, seamless panoramic slides, and more!

In short, you receive a unique All-In-One Photoshop Suite that will help you save tons of time and money. When you start using Instagram Grid Art Maker you’ll realize you don’t need any of the subscription-based services that barely let you preview your work in Instagram-like windows.

Not only this. Grid Art Maker will give you a completely new experience designing your Instagram feed and almost unlimited possibilities. You can use it to empower your own Instagram profiles or for your customers because now you can saveexport, or import themes and modify the contents within the suite on the fly!


  • Advanced Photoshop mockup to display your updated artwork in the Instagram grid preview mode.
  • Instagram grid mockup allowing you to customize each element of your brand.
  • Drag-and-drop visual background builder to compose distinguished Instagram grid background effects (e.q. the “Puzzle Style”).
  • Individual tiles creation mode (to override the background, include repeatable elements to your tiles, or call-to-action).
  • The advanced set of Actions including: smart objects auto-update, and export files for uploading to Instagram.
  • Instagram highlights cover builder that lets you match the design with your brand and style.
  • Seamless panorama creator that allows you to precisely slice a wider picture into up to 10 pieces and swipe them in the Instagram post as if you’d look at one photograph.
  • Themes export and import, to easily archive your work or save Instagram grid themes for different clients and/or projects.
  • Linked Smart Objects technology to populate your repeatable elements across the entire grid/tiles.
  • Up to 1 pixel precision in slicing your work into separate tiles.
    Pre-made themes (not including images) & Call-To-Actions to start from.
  • Very well-organized structure of documents, groups & layers to speed-up the navigation through the features.
  • Easy to understand and comprehensive manual loaded with useful tips and tricks to enhance your Instagram game.
  • New Themes added frequently to the bundle – free for all clients!



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