Frozen Brushes for Procreate 5625111

Frozen Procreate Brush Set designed for the holiday winter season, 50 frosted realistic brushes ready to be added to your designs.

Frozen Procreate Brush Set is perfect to create an atmosphere of winter celebration! Frozen Procreate Brush Set designed to help you create beautiful holiday illustrations in Procreate. With dynamic and texture brushes you can easily decorate greeting cards, backgrounds and posters, invitations or social media posts. You could successfully use Frozen brushes for lettering or any other project. Its up to you – mix and match for unique snowy effects in your digital art.

Different brush settings simulate variations of snow and ice, and can be used to paint falling and settled snow, as well as photorealistic frozen effects. Procreate brushes are designed to use with a stylus, and its doing amazing job with Apple Pencil.

Frozen Brushes For Procreate 5625111


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