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Download free FORREST MANKINS FM 01 LIGHTROOM Mobile & Desktop Preset Pack

The 9 Presets I use for everything

Post processing has always been one of my favorite parts of photography, and I’ve been constantly trying new things, learning, and tweaking my presets for the past two years. Each photo on this page was a simple one click edit after setting my exposure and white balance in Lightroom. Presets are available for instant download after purchase. Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC compatible.

A download of 9 custom Lightroom presets that I’ve spent the last two years tweaking to cover all situations. After setting exposure and white balance editing can be done in a single click.

There are 9 custom presets included in this download:

  • Alaska and Alaska HC: Great for foggy/blue hour or cloudy landscapes, low light portraits, and mood.
  • August Blue Hour, Blue Hour Alt, and Blue Hour HC: What I use for 80% of my photos, each has a different curve, different color calibration, and look that covers almost everything for me.
  • Aurora: For northern lights, stars, and much more.
  • Bright: This is my go to for shooting on sunny days from mid morning until golden hour. A different curve and split toning help combat daytime light.
  • BW: A very moody, grainy, dark black and white preset that’s great for portraits and minimalistic images.
  • Minimal Snow: Great for snow landscapes or portraits, works well when bumping up exposure a tiny bit.

UPDATE: Download now includes DNG files which allow you to use the presets on your phone with the free Lightroom app!

Kamu bisa download APK Lightroom Mobile Premium / You can download Premium Lightroom Mobile APK :


Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
Download Preset : FM 01 LIGHTROOM PRESET (Download)

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