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ChatGPT sees first traffic drop

First-time visits to the ChatGPT website fell by nearly 10%, showing signs that the appeal of super AI has cooled.

According to statistics from the Similarweb tool, the traffic of the ChatGPT website on desktop and mobile devices in June decreased by 9.7% compared with May. This is the first time the ranking has slipped. half year later. It keeps increasing every year.

In fact, since May, the growth rate has shown signs of slowing down. In May, the average active time of ChatGPT website users was less than 8 minutes each time, a month-on-month decrease of 8.5%.

Despite the decline, ChatGPT remains the most popular AI tool. The “competitor” behind this super AI is Microsoft’s Bing AI, an application that uses the same technology platform as ChatGPT, and its traffic has also declined for three consecutive months.

Sameweb expert David F. Carr says the decline of artificial intelligence tools shows that the allure of novelty in conversation is gone. Carr commented: “From now on, chatbots must prove their true worth and not take it for granted.

Other analysts say users’ higher expectations for artificial intelligence pose a challenge to tools such as ChatGPT. Users will need AI that can update information in real time, said Rishi Jaluria, a capital markets specialist at RBC. Large language models used in AI are still using years of training data and producing misinformation.

Meanwhile, Macquarie analyst Sarah Hindlian-Bowler said growing the number of users to hundreds of millions in a short period of time was a challenge for the tool. The stress on the infrastructure may cause the output to be less accurate. “This requires a combination of changing training models and addressing policy implications,” Schindren-Bowler said.

In addition, there is a view that the decline in the number of visits to the ChatGPT website is also due to the fact that students are on summer vacation, resulting in reduced demand for using AI to find solutions to problems. Others turned to the ChatGPT app on iOS instead of visiting the website. As of July, the ChatGPT app has attracted 17 million downloads.

The highlight of this chatbot is the interest of the partner. The data showed that developer website traffic grew 3.1% in June.

OpenAI has yet to comment on the stats. Still, experts say the company isn’t really disappointed by the decline, as ChatGPT is a free product meant for OpenAI to sell the technical solutions behind it or sell premium accounts. Fewer users have saved OpenAI money, as the tool costs about $700,000 a day to operate.

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and is the fastest growing app in history, reaching 100 million users two months later and attracting around 1.5 billion monthly visits.

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