Bill Gates says he doesn’t know how to use artificial intelligence

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ChatGPT: If you still don’t know how to make the most of artificial intelligence at work, you’re not alone because Bill Gates knows it too.

Bill Gates says he doesn’t know how to use artificial intelligence

The Microsoft founder’s latest blog post discusses the future of artificial intelligence, among other issues. Gates emphasized in the article that artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology. He predicted that in the next two years, the United States and other countries will maximize the use of artificial intelligence in life and work.

However, the billionaire said he still doesn’t fully understand how to use artificial intelligence. 2023 will be the first time he uses artificial intelligence at work. Gates admitted that he sometimes struggled to adopt the technology.

“If you don’t know how to use artificial intelligence most effectively, you’re not alone,” he wrote. Gates shared in his blog that he plans to use artificial intelligence tools to evaluate the Bill Gates Foundation’s strategy this year. The job requires a person to read hundreds of pages of briefing documents. At the same time, artificial intelligence can accurately summarize in a short time.

“But old habits die hard. At the end of the day, I’m still the one preparing these documents, no different than before,” the Microsoft founder said.

According to Business Insider, there’s plenty of evidence that using artificial intelligence in the workplace can help employees work more efficiently and flexibly. This technology inspires them because it puts pressure on them to find ways to adopt more new technologies.

A recent Harvard Business School study found that employees at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) were more productive if they used GPT-4 to advise clients. With the help of artificial intelligence, consultants will complete their work 25% faster, increase workload by 12%, and improve the quality of results by 40%.

The ChatGPT model can summarize books, articles, and research areas. It can provide excellent, human-like feedback, such as help drafting emails, documents, or quick replies.

But if you’re not good at applying artificial intelligence to your job, don’t worry, because neither is Bill Gates.

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