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10 Natural Phs Action, ACR, LUT 5925036

10 Natural Phs Action 5925036

These days everything has changed.
Transgenic foods,
Synthetic fibers and fabrics,
Chemical drugs,
Virtual entertainment,
Even many loves are not pure and real, and their friendship and love are superficial. Unfortunately, for this reason, we humans have changed our tastes and become accustomed to fake things. But sometimes we need to go back to our nature and enjoy it. Nature on which God created us. In this product, we tried to give a natural and pure state to your images and memories and help you to enjoy the nature and originality of colors.
LUT is one of the most widely used files that can be used in various software such as premiere pro, after effect, final cut pro, DaVinci. Please read COMPATIBILITY before download.


  • 10‭ ‬Photoshop actions‭ (.‬atn files‭)‬
  • 10‭ ‬ACR presets‭ (.‬xmp files‭)‬
  • 10‭ ‬LUT presets‭ (.‬cube files‭)‬


  • ‬For Photoshop Actions‭: ‬Photoshop CC and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
  • For ACR Presets‭: ‬Photoshop CC ‬and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
  • ‬For LUTs Presets‭: ‬All Graphics Softwares that they can work with LUTs Preset such as Adobe Photoshop‭, ‬Davinci Resolve‭, ‬Adobe Premiere Pro‭, ‬Adobe After Effects‭, ‬Final Cut Pro and others


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