10 Clean White Ps Action, ACR, LUT 5927113

White is the color of purity and innocence, Our soul enters this world with light and a white conscience. Over time, as a result of our contact with others, Misfortunes, Illnesses and Everyday problems Cause dark spots to affect the whiteness and brightness of our souls. Meditation, Helping others and being kind to others removes these dark stains from our being. With the expertise and experience of our technical team, we make the dark and low light themes of your images, Bright and clear with the help of our products. This pleasure, dedicated to you Please read COMPATIBILITY before download.


  • 01‭ ‬Photoshop actions‭ (.‬atn files‭)‬
  • 10‭ ‬ACR presets‭ (.‬xmp files‭)‬
  • 10‭ ‬LUT presets‭ (.‬cube files‭)‬


  • For Photoshop Actions‭: ‬Photoshop CC and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
  • ‬For ACR Presets‭: ‬Photoshop CC‭ ‬and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
  • ‬For LUTs Presets‭: ‬All Graphics Softwares that they can work with LUTs Preset such as Adobe Photoshop‭, ‬Davinci Resolve‭, ‬Adobe Premiere Pro‭, ‬Adobe After Effects‭, ‬Final Cut Pro, and others


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